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Energy Lab (Language Arts Explorer) (Backlist) (Set of 8) $207.60
The Energy Lab series delves into different types of energy, discovering the science behind each form of energy, how we use it today, and how we might use it tomorrow. The reader is encouraged to make predictions, perform purpose-driven research, and creatively solve the problems presented. The reader begins to understand how the process of forming and answering questions and thinking critically is a key skill of investigation.
Grade Level: 4-5
Size: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Page Count: 32
Binding: Reinforced Library
Dewey Number: 333.79
Colour Photographs, Colour Illustrations, Activities, Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, Further Info
  Biofuels ©13 9781610808934 $25.95    
  Geothermal Power ©13 9781610808941 $25.95    
  Natural Gas ©13 9781610808958 $25.95    
  Nuclear Power ©13 9781610808965 $25.95    
  Oil and Coal ©13 9781610808972 $25.95    
  Solar Power ©13 9781610808989 $25.95    
  Water Power ©13 9781610808996 $25.95    
  Wind Power ©13 9781610809009 $25.95    
Title: Biofuels
Author: Newman, Patricia
Following a student interviewing experts about biofuels, this exciting title teaches readers about biofuels as an energy source. The book covers biofuels' history, how they are used today, and innovative ways we may use biofuels in the future.
"Each title examines a shark species in a largely engaging fashion, covering range, physical characteristics, food, reproduction, and predators..."
-- SLJ (Nov 13, 2013)